About Us

The organizations formation was initiated by Ralph and Michelle Ellaya who are Pastors and Community Service Providers locally and internationally. The leadership of the organization consists of skilled directors with a similar passion for community development that would culminate in economic and social transformation.


A 25000sqm property was donated to the organization by Accurate Building Concepts Ministries and its founders Dr Sagie and Rochelle Govender. Their benevolence provided much needed land and infrastructure to fulfill the objectives of the organization.

The property is situated in the suburb of Verulam, north of Durban, South Africa. Current infrastructure development has made the property conducive and accessible to the community. We envision that the property will become a model for community upliftment, leadership training and skills development.


Sustainable economic development and environmental awareness through education and training that would lead to community transformation.


Identify community service providers and deploy them into the community to achieve the vision.

As a public benefit organization, we seek to prepare a generation of people who set a high standard of excellence in their homes, communities, workplaces and in our nation. They are skilled and equipped through our vigorous teaching, mentorship and training programmes. Each focus group and gathering is centered on giving effect to key life principles that underpin the ethical and moral fibre of our society.

Our reach extends throughout South Africa and beyond our borders into Africa and several other nations. Some of our christian based programmes include Leadership Training, Marriage Seminars, Trauma Counselling, Family Therapy, Youth Development as well as providing for the needy and destitute. From little babies, to the elderly, we are actively involved in caring for and empowering our communities.